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Do you have a novel? Are you a veteran author? We offer development of editing and development editing services for all sorts of projects. Get the ideal development editing by having a company working with you.

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Writing a book is a challenging process. Now that your paper is done, you want to ensure that your research is presented in the best light possible. developmental editing is a practice during the book publication process. Our developmental editor works closely with the authors to address "big picture" areas such as spelling or grammar structure, format, narrative, and character development. With high-level development of editing, WriterCosmos is ready to produce the best content possible for our clients. We serve scholars, authors, educators, and professional communities worldwide.


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WriterCosmos has been supporting writers and has specialized in developmental editing services. For authors who are currently writing a book and who need support in development editing, our development editing service offers the opportunity to have their work reviewed by book publishing experts. Based on the level of development your book needs, you can choose between two editing options: Standard Edition (gives the book a natural tone and voice) Advisory Edition (substantive and development-oriented approach).

Choose this development editing service if you need editorial editing, content reorganization, and professional advice. Our developmental editors are experts in the field to ensure the accuracy of terminology and language conventions.


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The team at WriterCosmos is expert at what it does. Their marketing plan for my project has been an absolute success.

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A book is only picked when it looks pleasing on the shelves. WriterCosmos did an astonishing work on my book cover. The use of right color scheme makes it stand out and also attract readers’ eyes.

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What Makes Our Developmental Editing Services Different From The Rest?

We understand the tremendous effort you have put into your manuscript and believe that a simple revision is not the right thing to do. At WriterCosmos, we prefer to offer a combination of development editing and book editing, checking, and proofreading services. This ensures that your book communicates clearly with your target audience.

We offer expert analysis and suggestions about the strengths and weaknesses of the book with an accurate review of references and the detection of inconsistencies. Expert development editors who are selected and trained for their attention to detail can transform texts into books that are clear, grammatically correct, and ready for publication.

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The Development Editing Advantage

Are you insecure about the areas of your book that require attention and qualitative modifications? Our development editing professionals and experts will guide you and recommend that you hire a developmental editor that fits your unique requirements. While every development editing review is unique, there are a few common elements that WriterCosmos addresses widely. Grammar and Execution: The beta reading process does not include line editing or proofreading, but we will flag any grammatical or mechanical errors we notice.

The Tone of Voice: your script will reflect your voice and style, expressed in the official draft.
Repetition of Words: we look for words and phrases that are misused or overused during developmental editing.
Characterization: We'll improve your characters and their connections in the following edits for specific characters.
The plot's coherence: We'll check for plot twists and inconsistencies in your manuscript.

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Development Editing Service With A New Methodology

More is needed to have an idea. It is also necessary to be well-written. There are countless text processes for publication, but development editing is much more. To edit is to face an amorphous and unstructured original to correct it, think about it, and project it as if it were already finished and in the hands of the reading public or final consumer.

Development editing is loving the creation of another as if it were your own. In the Development editing process, it is sometimes necessary to write texts and paratexts that are not part of the work: footnotes, editor's notes, flaps, publicity notes, back cover, glosses, prologues, or presentations.

Development Editing at WriterCosmos is carried out by an expert on the subject and strives for what is meant to be comprehensible by the addressee, amending at the same time anachronisms, impropriety, and meaningless expressions.

Development Editing Challenges Structuring Or Restructuring Of A Manuscript's

At WriterCosmos, we are a multidisciplinary development editing team of spelling and style checkers, editors, translators, and paleographers. Since our beginnings, we have been adapting our catalog of development editing services to the new times and the digital environment. We currently fully address digital developments in which we combine our skills to create unique projects, many of which are nationally and internationally recognized.

Please send us your material (polished novel, scripted texts, sketches, or other documentation). And we will send you a tailor-made budget for development editing without conceding on efficiency, speed, and professionalism.

Whether it is because you need more time, the necessary knowledge, or the professionals to face the process, it is not only about the creation and production but also about development editing to achieve the maximum quality and impact of your image. Are you looking for a professional developmental editor? Now you know how we can help!

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