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  • How many projects do you manage at once?

    Like any other, our ghostwriters want to maintain a continuous flow of work. Thus, while they are occupied on an e-book, they communicate with potential clients and may even start research on other projects through systematic collaboration. During this time, they develop an initial plan and prepare to kick off work on the next project while finishing the existing one. This is not mean they are not fully committed to the primary project at hand.

  • How Much Does It Cost?

    Ghostwriting assignments vary from project to project. The basic features of the assignment determine the whole thing, and the charge you agree upon will be proportional to the length of your book and the quantity of research required by the ghostwriter. Additionally, it will depend on the nature of the research; in the case of travel and face-to-face interviews, we charge optimal prices accordingly.
    A compact book based on interviews with a single person will be significantly less expensive than a detailed inquiry or research-based subjects.

  • How Long Does The Typical Ghostwriting Process Take?

    You and the writer partially determine the length of the ghostwriting process. Your ghostwriter will create content for you to evaluate and approve on a weekly or biweekly basis, depending on your availability and required level of engagement.

  • Is Your Ghostwriting Services Are Completely Confidential?

    Of course! Our ghostwriting services are completely private. We will never use the information you provide for any other intention, and we will never reuse the context for your book. Our website has a full privacy statement, and we are also pleased to offer you a non-disclosure contract. If you are satisfied and give approval, you may leave a recommendation used on the website.

  • What Subjects Do You Cover In Your Ghostwriting?

    You can get a sense of the breadth of topics we’ve covered by visiting our individual profile section. If your specific area is not included, do not worry about it. We convert all information from your thoughts into a book.

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