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Why Choose Hip Hop Songwriting Services From WriterCosmos Ghostwriting?

Do you want to start a hip-hop record label? You put the idea and we the song!
At WriterCosmos, a hip-hop ghostwriting company, we adapt to the style that your project needs. It can sometimes take time to discern what should be included or excluded in a hip-hop record or how it should be presented. Our hip-hop writing is perfect for musicians. We love immersing in the ground-breaking process of creating a song from scratch and participating in any phase of music production and development.


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Why Choose Our Hip Hop Writing Services?

At WriterCosmos, our hip-hop songwriters skillfully produce original and flawless hip-hop song lyrics that can pump your record label a notch higher!
Share the details about your project so our songwriters can provide quality work. Once you approve, our team gets to work immediately. We will inform you at regular intervals about the status of your project. Your wishes are always in the foreground and meticulously fulfilled by our professional team.
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Cody Ashlock

The team at WriterCosmos is expert at what it does. Their marketing plan for my project has been an absolute success.

Miles Paine

A book is only picked when it looks pleasing on the shelves. WriterCosmos did an astonishing work on my book cover. The use of right color scheme makes it stand out and also attract readers’ eyes.

Brian Davis

I always had a difficulty in finding the right literary agent for my book but with , I don’t even have to worry about it. They’ve got it covered.

Find Hip Hop Writers To Rap Your Way!

Writing a rap song is a very strenuous and tedious job. As Hip Hop songwriters, we have the appropriate training and many years of experience. At the same time, we have been on the market as a Hip Hop Ghostwriting Company for years and have achieved a successful position due to several advantages:
• We only write unique song texts: when you hire us, you can be sure that your rap song is written from scratch. As soon as our clients receive original work, they know they can trust us and stick with our hip-hop songwriting services when they need help!
• We work fast: Our Hip Hop Writers can write a rap at short notice at any time while adhering to the deadline. Our hip-hop songwriting services entail all the required parameters, including the deadline, because missing the deadline is unacceptable for us.

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Hip Hop Writing For The Fashionable

Have you taken a moment to pause and ask if these singers wrote the songs? You heard and said, "What kind of horrible lyrics is this"? In that case, consider venturing into hip-hop songwriting services.
At WriterCosmos, hiring hip-hop songwriters is mutually rewarding. This creative, challenging partnership can produce something truly remarkable when executed with passion and sincerity. We have worked with clients worldwide on all RAP/HIP-HOP genres and look forward to serving you soon.
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Top The Charts With Rhythmically Written Rap Songs

Did you know hiring professional hip-hop writers is like hiring a personal assistant for various tasks?

• Professional and up-to-date: Our writers are trained in the latest trends of the rap industry in all popular disciplines.
• 100% original: We create highly individual rap songs for you. Our ghostwriters don't borrow any content, and we guarantee 100% unique texts.
• Timely Delivery: we keep the same regarding deadlines and delivering jobs on time. Our hip-hop writers ensure all orders are submitted before the deadline.
• Confidentiality And Discretion: We care about your privacy and protect it. Your data and information are kept in absolute confidentiality.
• Best Price Guarantee: Premium Hip Hop Songwriting Services at the best price.

Hassle Free Book Publishing Process

Customized To Deliver Excellence


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    Analyzing your plot idea and the book writing requirements to sketch out a well-thought storyline. Involves extensive research and outline creation.



    Ghostwriting 100% original content that follows the most suitable content strategy and the idea, storyboard, and requirements by the client.


    Critical Review &
    Brief Editing

    Tweaking the writeup and critically assessing content for minimum errors and outstanding service. Updating content draft multiple times to ensure the client's satisfaction is met.


    Typesetting, Printing,

    Working on the geographical part for the composed content. Collaborating with professional & creative designers to add graphic detailing.


    Finalization &

    After the final manuscript is approved, we deliver authorization of the book to the client, transferring all copyrights. We can also publish your eBook in your desired format.

Customer Testimonials That Moved Us

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Raps For Musicians - Let Yourself Be Inspired!

Are you a newbie just trying to find footing in the hip-hop industry?
The songwriting industry is a quiet spinner. See the lifestyle of those who have written for music legends, and you will find this type of business worth venturing into. However, keep in mind that it requires a lot of work. Some help from hip-hop writing experts can go a long way toward becoming a successful artist.
As a veteran hip-hop ghostwriting company, we put tremendous effort into making your experience with our service positive and fruitful.
Our diligence is your watchword in starting and building your rap song, and you'll be glad you hired our Hip Hop Songwriting Services.

Industry’s Best Hip Hop Lyrics Writers Onboard

We are honored to have the best hip-hop writers in the industry, and they are always ready to help our clients with their music requirements. We look forward to supporting singers and writers with great potential in the music industry. We will focus on strengthening collaboration with rap ghostwriters. We work hard to help our clients present some success stories. When you are looking for ghostwriting services to hire a rapper, we will do our best and work effectively with you in the next second. Whether you need hip hop writing service to create songs from scratch or provide the lyrics to a tune, our hip-hop writers can cover everything perfectly. Our goal is to take into account any content previously written for you. This will help you avoid using similar processes or styles. Many people believe mobility is essential to rap, and our rap ghostwriter was hired for that. This is why we focus on different musical and creative processes. This can help our customers get the public’s attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is a Hip-Hop song Writer

    Hip-hop writers are similar to songwriters because they can get paid to write material for other artists. However, for hip-hop artists, having other people write their lyrics can be controversial because the genre tends to associate with "reality," marking those who do not report their rhymes as less authentic.

  • Why should I seek hip-hop songwriting services?

    It's no longer a secret that not all rap artists write their lyrics. Many artists have reportedly benefited from credible hip-hop songwriting services.

  • Can I communicate with my assigned hip-hop songwriter during the process?

    Yes! We believe in developing an understanding between the artist and the writer. Therefore, you can contact your assigned hip-hop writer via email or phone to discuss your requirements, clarify your project details, and express your concerns.

  • What is essential when writing rap songs?

    We often face the challenge that the idea to convey with the song must be clear. Hip-hop writing allows this story to be told and the challenge of brining ideas into verses. This requires a lot of manual skills and, above all, a lot of creativity. We deem harmony between singer and songwriter.

  • How do I know that you will provide me top quality content?

    We are a leading hip-hop ghostwriting company with the highest client retention rates. Our songwriters write songs for all kinds of singers. This includes formulating the lyrics in the form of related stanzas and verses, the composition of the accompanying music, and the necessary arrangements.

  • What is the difference between ghostwriting and songwriting?

    Ghostwriting and songwriting have a lot in common. Just like a typical ghostwriter, a songwriter also assists in writing lyrics and creating the composition while remaining in the background. Our hip-hop songwriters embrace a variety of skills.

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