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Before publishing your manuscript, get it reviewed by the book proofreaders at WriterCosmos to ensure that it is error-free and maintains a consistent tone throughout. Hire our book proofreading service now!

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Meet your deadlines and picture-perfect your first draft with our professional book proofreading services catered to your needs. Love to write but hate to edit? Don't worry; our book proofreaders got your back. Set up your bestseller novel writing, project, business proposal, or even a resume for success with our proofreading manuscript services. We'll fix grammar, sentence structures, and spelling mistakes so your works look professional!


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Our writers have an excellent understanding of different genres, which makes our clients stress-free for their publishing. Book, novel, or manuscript – you name it, we take care of your book proofreading and rewriting needs along with maintaining higher standards. Let your book become a reader's favorite with our premium book editing and proofreading services.

A book needs to be proofread before it is published to ensure it is error-free and high-quality. It's important that your writing is readable and engaging without distracting errors in language and spelling. Our professional book proofreading guarantees that your manuscripts will never be rejected due to grammatical errors. If your paper is denied for some reason, we will revise it and resubmit it to you without any charges.


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You've spent time, energy and resources on your dream project. Its written straight from the heart, but a few spelling mistakes and poorly constructed sentences can make it hard for book publishers to take you seriously. But who's got the time to proofread it? Write from the heart, and let us take care of proofreading to make your best-seller a dream come true.
Why hire our professional proofreading services? At WriterCosmos, our expert proofreader is always by your side, from the first to the last minute, before the publication of your manuscript.
For years now WriterCosmos has made a difference! If you are looking for a professional, fast, reliable and competent proofreader, able to offer you the service you have wanted for a long time at the right price, contact us now and book your proofreader!


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Are you about to complete your book and still have to take the last major hurdle - proofreading? Do you want to have your manuscripts proofread and edited quickly and professionally? Need an excellent proofreading service? Then you are exactly right with us. Get in touch at WriterCosmos and sit back until it's corrected by one of our dedicated proofreaders. We will provide error-free content quality and enrich it with appropriate phrases and information. Your manuscripts are in good hands with us and will be returned to you error-free in the highest quality. It couldn't be easier!

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Our Book Proofreading Services Include:

  • Fixing diction to include active voice and clearer writing
  • Correcting syntax and grammar to make it a seamless read
  • Restructuring sentences to make it more readable
  • Complete confidentiality to protect your privacy

World-Class Proofreading Manuscript Services

A major reader annoyance is an inconsistency. Examples include switching between first- and third-person narration, British English and American English, and varying case sensitivity and capitalization. The editor and book proofreader should be well-versed in your industry and its conventions so that they can help you convey your ideas clearly and coherently. As the author of the book, you will have invested a considerable amount of time and effort into researching, writing, and revising the manuscript for your book.

Proofreading services that adhere to the highest standards are provided continuously by our editors and book proofreaders. If you want your book to be a top seller and you don't want to spend a fortune on professional proofreading, join up for our affordable book proofreading services. If you want to succeed in any profession, WriterCosmos will do whatever it takes to help you.

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