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Encouragement. Above all else, WriterCosmos took a novice author by the hand and led him through the publishing chaos. The professional cover and chapter organization gave my work a polished appearance. The editorial suggestions were invariably good. The few times we disagreed on a change, WriterCosmos was very accommodating. I'm glad I found WriterCosmos.

John Fee

I3PUTT: Experiences of a Duffer


I was truly happy with the service I received. Veronica stayed with me the entire process. She kept me updated all the way through publishing. My second book is nearly finished and I intend to stay with her for that book as well.

Randy Ruppelius

A New Beginning: Death Of The World


It was a pleasure working with Veronica. They worked with me until I was satisfied with my final draft. Thank You Veronica For your help and WriterCosmos Team.

Shermin Shakiri

Pami's New Home

We began being totally ignorant in how to publish our book. WriterCosmos were so patient, knowledgeable, and courteous as they led us through the process. We are most pleased with the product. We highly recommend WriterCosmos.

Marita Jackson & Bo Jackson

Go Jackson

How to survive self-publishing with lots of help.
Hi, My name is Nancy Firko I've just finished publishing my first book. I got ahold of Writer's Cosmos and they were fabulous. I talked to Veronica who put me in touch with my Project Manager, Nathan. They did everything for me. They are amazing people.They have a Sr. Manager there, Steve who also helped and I am thrilled to death with the whole project. If I make another book, I will surely get in touch with them. I love you guys, you're fantastic, thank you.

Nancy Firko

Through Grandma's Eyes

I am extremely pleased and impressed with the quality and timeliness of the services provided by the WriterCosmos publishing company. Vincent (one of the managers with well over 20 years of publishing experience) made me feel right at home answering all of my questions as a beginning writer and illustrator. Plus, he explained in detail various options available to me that not only met my budget, but ways to reach my publishing goals as quickly as possible. Most of all, I was totally awe struck at the top quality of my very first paperback book being converted into an eBook. I highly recommend this company as the "go to" company for all of your publishing needs and goals! Kathy W.

Katherine Winnett

The Right Knight

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